Favourite photos

I go through different phases of what my favourite photo I've ever taken is. It's natural, as you evolve as a photographer so too do your skills and style. For many months, this shot I took last year of Ella Catliff's collaboration with Louis Vuitton, has been my favourite. I'm a sucker for movement in a shot so Ella's hair flying in the wind has me hook, line, and sinker. Not to mention the lighting and that look on Ella's face.

I'll never stop loving this photo, but I must admit, it has competition. My head has been turned, my eye has wandered. On my cover shoot for MFI magazine last month I asked the model to take a shower fully clothed and prayed the stylist wouldn't go into cardiac arrest. This shot from that set-up is definitely in the running for 'new favourite photo'. Which do you prefer? Any other photographers out there fickle with their favourites? Or is there 'the one' for you? Would love to hear your thoughts!