Cutting the mustard


As every good photographer knows, your portfolio is the beating heart of your career. There can be no room for mistakes, even one misplaced photo can turn a head-turning portfolio from fantastic to 'good, except for...'. It is notoriously difficult for photographers to objectively edit their own work. We get attached to certain images for personal reasons and preferences and while it is important that our portfolio has meaning, it's easy to lose sight of the bigger picture and more importantly, how others view our portfolio. For this reason, I subject my portfolio to rigorous review by my mentor and photography consultant, Zoe Whishaw.     

Zoe's experience, expertise, and insight have been invaluable to my career and that extends to my portfolio. She provides the objectivity needed when deciding which work to include and offers a perspective I would never have considered before. These 4 photographs are from an editorial I shot earlier in the year 'Eat My Handbag'. I love this imagery, particularly the Drumstick photo, but for Zoe they just didn't cut the mustard

With a sigh I added these photos to the 'no' pile, but safe in the knowledge this discipline would make my portfolio harder, better, faster, stronger.  HOWEVER, I can still share any portfolio rejects in my blog, with carefree abandon! I feel the world would be a sadder place without this pineapple photo in the public domain, non?!