Earl's Court

Backstage at Victoria's Secret


Huge excitement! The Victoria's Secret annual fashion show came to London this year and I was one of the lucky ducks who got to go backstage to photograph and chat to the Angels. After undergoing rigorous security measures (id verification, spot checks, sniffer dogs, bag searches, and chaperones just about begin to cover it)  we entered the most luxurious, calm, and well organised backstage area I could ever imagine. Backstage at LFW is like Dante's Inferno by comparison (and that ain't dissing LFW, which I love). Plush pink carpet, smiling make-up artists and stylists, vast amounts of space, and of course beatific models; the Angels are quite aptly named so. Each model I spoke to was polite, obliging, warm, professional and genuinely thrilled to be part of such a spectacular. I feel very privileged to have been given access to such an event, here are my photos, hope you like 'em!