Interview for Adorama TV

A few months ago I was approached by a Cutting Edge Productions who work on behalf of Adorama TV to produce the 'Out of the Darkroom' show with Ruth Medjber. In this show Ruth, a music and portrait photographer herself, interviews a selection of her favourite professional photographers in Ireland, the UK and the rest of Europe about the photographers’ practice methods, their equipment, their style and so on. 

Adorama is a behemoth, one of America’s biggest photography retailers with a huge following on YouTube. The interview sounded really fun and coincided with a work trip back to Dublin (for my fashion photography workshop at the Gallery of Photography) so of course I was game!

In part I of the interview we chat about my career, how I got started in photography, developed my style, what I think makes a successful photo, the realities of being a fashion photographer and give one or two tips along the way. 

In part II, we focus a bit more on the technical side of my practise, what equipment I use, and the retouching I undertake. 

I had a blast chatting with Ruth, she’s so warm and friendly, and I intend on making her my friend post-haste! Let me know what you think of the interviews in the comments below and if you have any burning questions that I didn’t chat to Ruth about here, let me know!