It Takes Two - shooting with Radley


A couple of months ago I was approached by luxury leather brand, Radley, about a collaboration. Being a huge fan of the company, I was delighted. I get a lot of emails about shooting for brands but I became a little confused about half way through the email when I realised that Radley didn’t want me to take the photos, they wanted me to be in the photos. Bit of a role reversal pour moi!

Radley were running a feature called ‘It Takes Two’ about how women seem to carry a crossbody bag for valuables and a tote for shopping and laptops to go about their day. They wanted to shoot some inspirational women (their words!) with a matching Radley tote and cross body and they wanted me to be one of those women! Being on the other side of the lens is not my comfort zone but it was such an honour to be asked by a brand I love so I jumped at the chance.

Radley wanted to build a story around the shoot (which I delighted about, I think is really important to have a narrative in a shoot) so we shot a story about a day in my life as a photographer. I’m often running from meetings to location reccies with my laptop and camera in my tote bag and a lens cloth and batteries in my cross body (for quick access).

I was keen to know who would be shooting and a bit nervous about being shot by another photographer.  I was also conscious that I wouldn’t be in control of how things would be shot because I was on another photographer’s 'set'. I don't relinquish control easily! But I needn’t have worried because Kylie Eyra is wonderful. She made me feel really relaxed and confident before we started shooting, was encouraging throughout, gave great direction, and took beautiful photos. I’m thrilled with the results and to be in the excellent company of author Laura-Jane Williams and founder of Quill, Lucy Edmonds. Thank you so much to Lauren and Sara from Radley for having me! 

All images by Kylie Eyra